Ben Nevis… Scafell Pike… Snowdon!

The very first event of my ’11 Day Challenge For Aimee’ was a fresh approach to the National Three Peak Challenge. The idea of the challenge is to climb/walk Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon within a 24 hour period; each mountain is the highest of England, Scotland and Wales, and the time includes driving.

Although these mountains are, each in their own right, difficult enough to walk; I decided to run them. The idea to run to the summit of each mountain was not of an egotistical nature, I saw it as an opportunity to put my level of fitness to the test. Just three months before this challenge I had managed to run the length of the Long Mynd in Shropshire and also ran three marathons in three consecutive days so felt I was at a good level of fitness and was extremely eager to give it a shot.


As a trail runner I am used to being agile and having to react quickly in terms of footing on varied terrain, so I knew the only difference would be that I would need to start running up the biggest hills I could find within my local area. In regards to training at the gym, I would to set the treadmill to an incline and run at intervals, apart from this I continued with my standard training routine.

The challenge started on 2nd September 2015 and my choice of mountain to start with was Ben Nevis (4,409ft), I then tackled Scafell Pike (3,209ft) and I finished with Snowdon (3,560ft).


The documentary below, ‘More Than Miles’ features video footage and a detailed account of this challenge as well as the homeless, kayaking and cycling phases of my ’11 Day Challenge For Aimee’.