Trail Running On The Jurassic Coast, England

On 2-4th June 2015, I ran a series of three marathons. These gruelling 78.6 mile trail runs took place on the Jurassic Coastline, which is well known for its spectacular views and challenging hills.

Throughout the 3 days the route took me through a variety of challenging terrain from coastal foot paths to beaches and tracks. The start point was just outside Charmouth, on my third day I finished at the National Trust Shell Bay, Studland.

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A marathon is a very challenging 26.2 mile assault on both the mind and body. As a qualified fitness trainer, I have played a part in training a couple of people who went on to run the London Marathon. After witnessing first-hand how much training and determination goes into marathon preparation, I gained huge respect for these guys, which ultimately led me to putting this challenge together.

You can watch the motivational video of this event below: